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Waste Water Treatment

Water is basic to life. It is a precious resource and has become precious commodity now. On going Industrialization, population & urbanization pose pressure on water availability. Utility value of world’s freshwater resources like lakes and rivers are diminishing rapidly due to over exploitation & pollution. Groundwater, an alternative to surface water is also a natural victim. The rate of ground water drawing versus its re-charge has already disturbed the natural aquifer equations. Just we have found India's leading waste water plant, wastewater treatment, waste water solution service provider with best quality equipment and solution's.

There is an urgency to conserve fresh water, prevent ingress of salinity, and use water in such ways that do not cause organic & inorganic and salinity load to levels unsuitable for life. More than 80% of domestic water consumed makes into wastewater and is being disposed off. It takes long natural cycle to come that water into supply chain again. The time has arrived to respect “water as an entity” and make its early acceptable entry into the circuit in the form of reusable wastewater. Wastewater reuse is one of the strategies for conserving the freshwater resources.. Recycling is an art and science, is proving to be a blessing to man, whose quest for easy and affordable solutions to its problems has paved the different approaches for recycling water and wastewater. There are technologies available for Wastewater Treatment to meet statutory requirement. But the real challenge lies to give an affordable solution for recycling wastewater which will appeal and motivate the end user.

SBT system of IIT Bombay has been developed after two decades of research and is a green engineering approach to waste management. It has several national & international credentials and is one of the best contributions from IIT Bombay for waste management. It has served industries, housing societies, resorts, schools/universities/ashrams, hotels, municipal corporations & air ports. It is already in the domain of some municipal corporations and ministry of defense, government of India. SUGAM with its technology partener from IIT Bombay is committed to take this technology to as much end users as possible to meet the water crunch challenge.


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