Soil BioTechnology

Soil Biotechnology alias SBT system of wastewater recycling has been developed by Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) indigenously after two decades of research. Dr. Avinash Kadam, MD of SUGAM has been associated in the development of this technologyat IITB. SUGAM has tied up with SINE IITB uncubated company for promotion of this technology and to unterface with the end users at national and international levels.

Its a green engineering approach and is considered as notable technology contributions from IITB to waste management. It has several national & international credentials. SBT is based on biogeochemical conversion processes where fundamental reactions of nature, namely respiration, photosynthesis & mineral weathering take place in a controlled geological media housing selected micro & macro organisms which bring about the desired purification. It is oxygen supplying biological engine. It is designed to address purification of contaminated wastewater - Municipal & Industrial. Our Treated water quality surpasses the statutory requirement of CPCB and State PCBs.

soilbiotechnology biroreactor cross section

SBT systems are typically housed in RCC, stone-masonry or soil bunds and consists of an impervious containment. It starts with a underdrain layer, above which lies a layer of media housing culture and bioindicator plants. Water first passes through the additive layer and subsequently passes through the media. The process can be run as single stage or multistage depending on water quality desired. The recirculation is provided for further polishing if required. SBT is practically maintenance free, does not produce biosludge & foul odour, consumes least energy, gives River water quality and has green aesthetic. Its operation is simple, economical & energy efficient.


It has served industries, housing societies, resorts, schools/universities/ashrams, hotels, municipal corporations & air ports. It can be applied to:

  • Sewage recycling for reuse in construction, cleaning, gardening, ground water recharge, factory processes, fire fighting;
  • Industrial air purification (volatile organic emissions)
  • Primary purification of drinking water as well swimming pool water;
  • Purification of Industrial effluent of organic nature
    (e.g. Pharma, Specialty chemicals, Dairy, Sugar, Distillery, Wineries, Paper & Pulp mills, Agrochemicals & Pesticides, Petrochemicals, Pigments & dyes etc).

SBT Technology holds the promising solutions for water security of the country via:

Key Features Of Technology

Credentials of Technology

  • Acknowledge by UN climate panel as promising green innovation.
  • Govt of India acknowledge and recommends in
    - MOEF manual, GOI
    - Niti AAYOG, GOI
    - Ministry of external affairs, GOI
    - Swaccha Bharat Mission, GOI
  • Working for Namami Gange under NMCG, GOI
  • Empanelled in Ministry of Defense - GOI
  • Empanelled in Jal Shakti Ministry - GOI
  • Airport Authority of India- GOI
  • Working with various Jal boards and state departments like Maharashtra, Gujrat, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Haryana, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh.
  • SBT is already in the domain of Municipal Corporation such as Bombay Municipal Corporation, Brihat Bangalore Municipal Corporation, etc.
  • Siemens (International) have acknowledged and awarded SBT as best innovation

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