Please fill in the following queries for establishing STP / ETP

* Company Name:
* Name of Concern person to contact:
* Tele No. or Mobile No.
* E-mail address:
* Type of Treatment
* Volume of effluent cubic Meter per day
peak flow (cubic meters/day))
peak flow duration (hours)

Expected Parameter :  
a) p H :
b) Suspended solids mg/lit.:
c) Total dissolved solids mg /lit. :
d) Chemical Oxygen Demand - COD mg/lit. :
e) Biological Oxygen Demand - BOD mg /lit. ,
f) Ammoniacal nitrogen Content. :
g ) Fluoride Content :
h) Any existing treatment plant

H) If Yes Please Specify capacity
I) Any specific heavy metals like Hg, Pb, Cr, etc. / carcinogenic chemical like cyanide, Pesticide etc.
J) Treated Discharge Standard:
K) If reuse of treated water is required, specify use :
L) location available for STP / ETP
M) Area available for STP / ETP :

If Residential,  
How many persons-Rooms per Flat :
How many Flats per building :
How Many Building:
Please attach any drawing available like blueprint of site layout, building layout, etc.



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